7 most expensive homes in India

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Owning a house is every man’s dream. For a select few, just about any house won’t do, as owning the right kind of house that symbolises their wealth, power, and status is elemental. These are the people who lead multinationals, earn big and spend big. They are leaders, decision makers, game changers, and mavericks who inspire. Their house is not just as big as their ego (ahem!); it is as loud and as minimalistic as their persona and is a mirror of their true self. One can be assured that only the very best will be found in their houses – the most expensive drapes, tiles, paintings, gadgets, fittings and so on. While most of us can dream and wish to own a house that big and opulent, what we sure can do is read up on and ogle at the houses of the high and mighty. Get ready for some architectural marvels that can cause some structured orgasms!

1. Antilla
This shouldn’t be a shock. Seriously, Mukesh Ambani has single-handedly changed and captured Mumbai’s skyline. No matter what part of South Mumbai you are in, you will see one column, floor, fixture of Antilla jutting out and mocking at the simple earthling that you are Mr. Reliance is reported to have spent a whopping $2 billion (don’t even bother to change that figure to INR, you will faint) on this 400,000 square feet, 27 floors high monstrosity that is home to, wait for it, 5 people. It would be some experience to play Hide & Seek in this house, no? Okay, sorry!

2. NCPA Apartments
Every month you will read in the newspapers how a flat in the NCPA Apartments at Nariman Point, Mumbai has been sold and bought for a truck-load of money. Sometimes a 4BHK is sold at Rs 97,842 per sq. ft. (Rs. 34 crores) and sometimes another one is sold at Rs. 29.5 crores. Mind you, most of these transactions happen when the economy and real estate market are experiencing a ‘slump’. Yea, right!

3. Mannat
It is only befitting that the Badshaah of Bollywood lives in a house that suits his larger than life persona. His dream home Mannat situated in Bandra is symbolic of his stature, power and enigma. In today’s market value, the cost of this home is around Rs. 70 – 100 crore. The only important thing to note here (from the perspective of King Khan, we assume) is that the money value of Mannat is more than that of Pratiksha (Amitabh Bachchan’s home). Hehe!

4. Ratan Tata’s Bungalow
Mr. Tata commands our respect. He is a man of few words, but immense class and style. His mansion in Colaba, Mumbai has all the facilities of a Billionaire’s home; sun deck, swimming pool, gym, lounge, media room and so on. The 13,350 square foot property has 7 levels and because of the man who calls this place his home, it surely falls into the category of exquisite and expensive homes in India.

5. Anil Ambani’s Abode
This one is still in construction, but then chottey bhaiyya is out there to outdo bade bhaiyya. Pegged at Rs. 5000 crore, this one is touted to be India’s MOST EXPENSIVE home. Literally. We still don’t know what amenities it will have or how it will look, but knowing Anil’s style and tastes we expect something loud, lavish and splendid!

6. JK House
Sometimes, we feel that Mukesh Ambani has given every famous industrialist something to work on – their homes. Gautam Singhania is busy developing his colossal JK House in Breach Candy, Mumbai. By the looks of it, the home is 30 levels and has all the amenities and frills of a luxury home. It has separate living areas for all family members and a museum too.Will it dominate the skyline like Antilla does? Only time will tell!

7. White House in the Sky
This rather ambitious name can be that of only one man’s house – Vijay Mallya. Currently under construction in UB city, Bangalore you can expect this home is to be beyond extra-ordinary. We think the dictionaries to consider replacing ‘opulence’ with ‘Vijay Mallya’ or at least add it as a synonym. What do you think?


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